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Need a product quickly? Call our Ladder Sales Hotline on 01633 281800

Need a product quickly? Call our Ladder Sales Hotline on 01633 281800

FREE UK Delivery   12 Month Warranty*

Safe Conservatory cleaning

You will need a CHASE conservatory ladder, either a standard type or professional version if you require adjustment for different sizes of conservatory. Note however that even the CHASE standard type has the ability to have extension pieces fitted.

  • Follow normal procedures used with portable ladders, users should be trained.
  • Do not use if unwell or unfit.
  • Carry out pre-use checks and carry out regular formal inspections dependant on frequency of use.
  • If in any doubt whatsoever contact us for advice.
  • Fit outrigger bar to top of leaning extension ladder with wing nuts and clamp plates. Pivot slightly so that the bolts rest against the ladder stiles.
  • Thoroughly clean and degrease glass and attach suction pad approximately 1 metre from floor level. – take care this is securely attached to a clean surface. Firmly grasp the pad and check it is secure.
  • Thread cam-buckle strap around 2 ladder rungs and through the handle of the suction pad and tighten.
  • Ensure leaning ladder is secure before proceeding.
  • Ascend the leaning ladder holding the roof ladder section and deploy onto roof maintaining 3 points of contact. Locate rung hooks onto top rung of leaning ladder.
  • Take care to ensure that both bearer bars are in contact with the roof structure.
  • Keep body mass within side rails at all times
  • DO NOT overreach or side load.
Conservatory Access Ladder from Chase Manufacturing
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