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Need a product quickly? Call our Ladder Sales Hotline on 01633 281800

Need a product quickly? Call our Ladder Sales Hotline on 01633 281800

FREE UK Delivery   12 Month Warranty*

Choosing the correct Ladder length

When you select a ladder, one of the common mistakes to make is to choose one that isn’t long enough. Our diagram gives you an idea of the length of ladder required for a designated vertical height. It also reminds you to allow for an overhang if you intend to step onto a landing place. This assumes that you are using a conventional leaning ladder such as a push-up multi section extension ladder at a one-in-four lean-angle. This equates to 76 degrees from the horizontal plane.

A one-in-four lean angle equates to 1 measure out for every four measures out, so one metre out for every 4 metres vertical height. Never attempt to use a ladder intended for 1-in-4 at a steeper angle (it can easily come away from the wall) or at a reduced angle of lean. This will overload the ladder stiles as the force acting perpendicular to them greatly increases as a ladder is positioned towards a horizontal plane. NEVER use a ladder as a bridge ! unless of course you’re using our specially designed ladders to cross ice crevasses !

There are exceptions however, for example we manufacture a range of ladders for access to shelving as well as industrial loft ladders. These have deeply ribbed flat treads that are set at 67 degrees. They are made from stepladder materials and are specifically designed to use at this reduced lean-angle.

As always if you have any ladder questions please don’t hesitate to contact us by the various means that are available – our chat function on the website, email, in person or of course the good old-fashioned phone call!

Ladder Length Calculator

Ladder Length Calculator

Leaning ladder length calculator based on the 1-in-4 lean angle. Don’t forget the additional length required if you intend stepping off onto a landing place.

If in doubt then get in touch and we’ll be more than happy to assist and recommend the correct ladders for your purpose.

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