Shelf Ladders

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Shelf ladders designed and manufactured in the UK by Chase Ladders for access to shelving units.

Our shelf ladders are manufactured to comply to BS2037, Class 1, with a 130k duty and 175k static load and feature parallel sides 380mm wide and treads 80mm deep with deeply ribbed non slip surface. Each tread is double riveted for rigidity and feature front and rear stays on bottom tread for increased strength with non slip rubber feet fitted as standard. Designed for warehouse, shop or office use although perfect for perfect for access to bunk beds and sleeping lofts.

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• Built from materials that exceed the performance requirements of BSEN-131 Professional and are rated at 175kg.
• 175KG maximum permissible vertical static load.
• 130KG Duty rating.
• Double riveted treads (8 rivets per tread).
• 80mm deep non slip deeply serrated Treads.
• Non-slip rubber feet.
• Can be supplied with 600mm timber cross bar or shafting hooks.
• Rail bracket available.

Model Code Top Tread Height (M) Length (M) Weight (KG)
CSH6 1.47 1.61 4.00
CSH7 1.72 1.88 4.50
CSH8 1.96 2.14 5.00
CSH9 2.20 2.41 5.90
CSH10 2.45 2.67 6.40
CSH11 2.70 2.94 7.30
CSH12 2.94 3.20 7.7
CSH13 3.18 3.47 8.6