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Need a product quickly? Call our Ladder Sales Hotline on 01633 281800

Need a product quickly? Call our Ladder Sales Hotline on 01633 281800

FREE UK Delivery   12 Month Warranty*

The CHASE Offset/Excavation aluminium folding Ladder platform finds application across various industries and tasks, including:

  • Construction Sites: Ideal for accessing different levels, platforms or flat roofs.
  • Maintenance Work: Used for servicing HVAC and other equipment, machinery, and infrastructure at varying heights.
  • Warehouse Operations: Facilitates safe access to shelving units, mezzanines, and storage areas.
  • Industrial Settings: Suitable for use in factories, plants, and production facilities for maintenance and inspection purposes.


Constructed in Aluminium and manufactured to the highest standards in Great Britain by Chase Manufacturing.

Built from materials that exceed the performance requirements of BSEN-131 Professional and are rated at 175kg. Featuring adjustable front and rear sections and incorporating a large non-slip platform, this aluminium access ladder folds flat making it the perfect tool for especially hard to reach areas. Load rated at 175kg assuring you of exceptional strength and performance qualities.

Custom made sizes are available for other applications such as mezzanine access.


In conclusion, the CHASE Offset/Excavation Ladder is a versatile and reliable solution for accessing multiple levels in a safe and efficient manner. With its adjustable design, non-slip platform, and bespoke sizing options, this ladder meets the needs of diverse industries and work environments. Invest in the CHASE ladder for enhanced safety, productivity, and convenience in your workplace.

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